BLUNICORN (AAAA+) Flower Hybrid


THC 28%

Available Weights



Blunicorn aka Blue Unicorn, is a beautiful Indica dominant strain. Users can expect a cerebral head-high with a magical relaxing body buzz. The deep purple hues and bright green colours of this enchanting flower are credited to its lineage of Blue Sherbet and Unicorn Poop. This is cannabis that is better suited to afternoon use, as the high can be strongly sedative in nature. It is advised to start slowing with a single hit before dosing up. It offers a hard-hitting high that can be manipulated into greater energy, or into a purely zoned-out and relaxed sedated state. Blunicorn travels from the head and washes over the whole body, bringing a giggly state of mind. If you’re feeling like you’re under a lot of pressure or simply stressed out, you’ll find that his may help alleviate some of that stress by boosting your mood. Users also say that after the high settles and some time has passed, their muscle soreness and spasms will begin to feel a lot better. Knots will become less tight and looser.